Owner and senior artist of Steamed Rabbit; Dee is a full time geek, part time unicorn, and has more than a bit of spice in her. She has a BFA, which takes more than a bit of patience, and dabbles in every art form she can get her hands on.


Senior Artist

Rob is our second senior artist. Having been in the business for practically ever, Rob knows a thing or two about tattooing. A penchant for comics, Funko Pops, and graffiti, Rob is our resident Durbanite and is always down for a laugh.


Junior Artist

Katz, our junior artist, a vibrant and, ahem, loud character. Equipped with a rotary and a wicked sense of humour, you’ll have the best tattoo experience with him.
Also, he’s vegan.
By the way.



Our friendly neighbourhood shop manager. Alex is the queen of multi-tasking and organisation. She is always happy to help, and is hellbent on customer satisfaction.